To remove the old springs you may need to push them out from the opposite side with a broom handle or rod. There is nothing holding them in the tube other than tension. They are free floating with no attachment to the tube.

If the springs are stuck inside the tube, the culprit is often the plastic spring liner. Accumulated dry grease often causes the liner's end to adhere to the tube's interior. Extract the sleeve from the opposite end of the tube. Utilize needle-nose pliers to clasp and extract the sleeve if needed. In cases where the liner tears during extraction, use the pliers to hold the liner's end and rotate the pliers two or three times. This action will sever the connection between the liner and the torquemaster tube. To further break this bond, you can slide either a hacksaw blade or a coat hanger between the liner and the tube. Alternatively, heating the tube's end can aid in loosening the liner. Once both springs and the plastic liners are removed, peer into the tube's end to ensure that all components have been taken out and that the tube is entirely empty.

Check out our installation instructions for torquemaster springs.