To order the correct extension spring for your garage door, you will need to know the height and weight of your door. Extension springs are also color coded, but the colors repeat every hundred pounds, so you should verify you are selecting the correct spring based on the height, weight and color if possible. 

Extension springs require 2 springs to pull the listed weight. Example: it takes two 80lb gold springs to lift a 80lb door. Please see the item description for the spring you want to order for more specific information on size, life cycle, etc. We recommend replacing both springs at the same time to make sure they are evenly balanced. Over time springs will stretch and fatigue. You may run into problems when only replacing one related to those issues.

Spring End Types:

Single Looped: These are the easiest to replace. Available for doors weighing up to 200lbs. Ends aren't as strong as double or clipped ends. 

Double Looped: More durable than single looped. Standard on doors up to 200lbs.

Clipped Ends: Most durable extension spring ends. Standard on doors over 200lbs.

The color codes are listed below for reference:

  • Blue - 40lbs, 140lbs, 240lbs
  • Red - 50lbs, 150lbs, 250lbs
  • Brown - 60lbs, 160lbs, 260lbs
  • Orange - 70lbs, 170lbs, 270lbs
  • Gold - 80lbs, 180lbs, 280lbs
  • Light Blue - 90lbs, 190lbs, 290lbs
  • Tan - 100lbs, 200lbs, 300lbs
  • White - 110lbs, 210lbs, 310lbs
  • Green - 120lbs, 220lbs, 320lbs
  • Yellow - 130lbs, 230lbs, 330lbs

To weigh your door:

  1. Raise the garage door to the fully open position. Be sure to disconnect your automatic garage door opener, if you have one.
  2. Use C-clamps or vice grips under bottom rollers to keep the door in the open position. With tension completely off extension springs, disconnect springs from track support.
  3. Place a bathroom scale (analog not digital) under center of door.
  4. Remove C-clamps or vice grips and lower door by hand. Lower door slowly by hand onto the scale. This may require more than one person, doors are very heavy and may crash down if you cannot hold it.
  5. Record the weight of the door.
  6. If door weight exceeds capacity of the scale, use 2 bathroom scales and use a 2x4 with one end on one scale and the other on a second scale with the door perpendicular to the 2 x 4. Be sure to take into account how much the scale reads with the 2x4 on it and deduct from weight you end up with. Add the weight reading from both scales together to get the total weight of the garage door.

Once you have gathered the details above, click the link below for your door height and you can select your door weight to order the replacement extension springs.

Extension Spring 7ft Door   -   Extension Spring 8ft Door

WARNING - Garage door springs, cables, brackets, and other hardware attached to the springs are under very high tension and, if handled improperly, can cause serious injury. Only a qualified professional or a mechanically experienced person should adjust them, but only by carefully following the manufacturer's instructions.

Click Below To Download Installation Instructions:

Extension Springs Installation Instructions - Standard Lift

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