Use the guide below to determine the details REQUIRED to order the correct replacement spring for your door. You can find all the information you need to fill in the options for ordering your spring/s on the label located on your garage door spring tube. The most important information is the balance weight. If the balance weight is not on the label, you will need to weigh your door. Use a bathroom scale (analog, not digital) and release the tension on the spring to weigh. DO NOT GUESS the weight of your door and MAKE SURE there is no spring tension on the door (cables should be disconnected or slack on both sides). We base the size of the spring almost entirely on the weight of your door, so if you don't have this information you will not be able to order. 

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How to order Wayne Dalton torquemaster springs

The information above is all we need or can use to determine what spring is correct for your door. Any other information such as part numbers, spring dimension, wire size, and door models is subject to variables and will not provide accurate or usable results. We can only use the information required above. 

spring instructions

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Still not sure if you have the plus or original style? Please look at the pictures below, prior to purchasing, to determine if your door uses the Torquemaster plus or the regular Torquemaster system.

Torquemaster Plus VS Original

WARNING - Garage door springs, cables, brackets, and other hardware attached to the springs are under very high tension and, if handled improperly, can cause serious injury. Only a qualified professional or a mechanically experienced person should adjust them, but only by carefully following the manufacturer's instructions.

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