ProDrive / Classic Drive Common Issues

Welcome to the ProDrive / Classic Drive idrive common issues page. Below is a list from Wayne Dalton of the 10 most common issues with this model, as well as solutions to these issues. Please take a moment to see if any of these are what you're experiencing.

Models: 3014, 3018, 3314, 3414, 3220C, 3222C, 3224C, 3320B, 3322B, 3322B, 3324B, 3212, 3213, 3312, 3313, 3412, 3012, 3016, 3512

Common Issues


1. When I press the button on my transmitting device, wall station or remote I get no response from operator.

Program Wall station and remote to unit. Refer to your opener manual below for instructions.


2. From the open position my door begins to close then reverses back to full open and the overhead light flashes fast.

Photo eye issue. Check photo eyes for solid red LED light. If LED is not lit check alignment of photo eyes and wiring at head of operator. Replacement sensors can be purchased here.


3. Motor is running but door is not moving.

 Verify emergency release cable is engaged. Check chain or belt sprocket coupling for broken cogs. Replacement gears can be purchased here.


4. All of my electronic devices (transmitters, wall station, key pad) quit working at one time and LED on side of unit does not flash and devices will not program back to operator.

Motor Control Board has failed. Replace board. Replacement board can be purchased here.


5. Motor makes one quick start, shuts down and overhead light flashes.

Broken teeth and drive gear. Check black or white drive gear for broken teeth. Replace drive gear. Replacement gears can be purchased here.


6. My neighbor’s remote is opening and closing my door.

Erase memory out of operator and reprogram all electronic devices (transmitters, wall station, key pad) back to operator. Refer to your opener manual below for instructions.


7. I opened and closed my door several times while programing an electronic device (transmitter, wall station, key pad) and my operator has shut down and will not move door.

Operator has automatically shut down to prevent overheating. Operator will power back up after 5 – 10 minutes.


8. Operator open doors about 1’ and door falls back down to floor.

Check door balance. Door should open and close easily with one hand and stay in any position it is placed. If door falls or is heavy to lift springs have lost tension or springs have broken. Click the link below to purchase the corresponding spring:

Torsion Springs

Torquemaster Springs

Extension Springs


9. After programming electronic device (transmitter, wall station, key pad) door opens 1’ at a time until fully open but closes properly.  

Open force out of adjustment. Unplug operator, press and hold program button, while holding program button down plug operator back up and release program button. Overhead light will flash 3 times signifying open force is reset.

10. Wireless photo eyes not functioning.

Replace batteries in photo eyes and attempt to re-program. If photo eyes will not program replace with wired photo eyes. Wireless photo eyes no longer available. Replacement sensors can be purchased here.


PLEASE NOTE: We are not the manufacturer of this unit. We are just an online retail company. We do not offer warranty service, or technical help with this opener. The information provided above is a troubleshooting guide provided by the manufacturer Wayne Dalton.