Welcome to the TorqueMaster idrive common issues page. Below is a list from Wayne Dalton of the 11 most common issues with this model, as well as solutions to these issues. Please take a moment to see if any of these are what you're experiencing. 


Common Issues

Please Note: Wayne Dalton no longer manufactures openers. We aren't Wayne Dalton. The internal parts for this unit are out of production. If you need to replace the control board, motor, or gear drive you will not be able to acquire those parts (check ebay). We have not been able to get them for a few years now. If this is the case you are going to need to replace your opener completely. You will have to contact a local garage door company to figure out what options are available for you.


1. My iDrive TorqueMaster  will not respond to wall station or remotes and there is no audible feedback from operator.  What can I check for?

Verify power at outlet, check the connection at receptacle, check connection at operator. If iDrive has power and no audible beeps are heard Motor Control Board must be replaced. Replace operator. Control boards no longer made.


2. When I press the button to open the door the iDrive chirps 5 times and overhead light flashes.

Operator is in vacation mode. Move the vacation switch located under the cover on wall station down to lock then back up to unlock. Operator will beep once indicating it is out of vacation mode.


3. One of my hand held remotes does not work but others do.

Replace battery or batteries in the remote and reprogram remote. Order a new remote here.


4.  When I press my Wall Station to open or close door operator responds with a 1 second, then ½ second beep followed by a chirp and no operator start.

There is no profile in operator. Run install routine.


5. When I press my Wall Station to open or close door I get one beep.

Motor is not detected. Check motor connection to operator or replace operator. Motors no longer made.


6. My door opens 1’ and stops. When I press up/down button again door closes.

Check door balance. Pull red  emergency release handle on right hand side of door and lock into bottom of bracket. Ensure there are no children or pets in the area of the door.   Door should open and close easily and stay in any position it is raised to. If door is heavy and falls order a spring replacement here.


7. When I try to open my door motor runs but door does not move.

Re-engage Emergency Disconnect Handle. If handle is engaged and operator makes a grinding sound internal drive gear is stripped. Replace operator. Gear drive no longer made.


8. My motor will not pivot up or will not stay up.

Detent pin is out of adjustment. Adjust detent pin in/out so right hand tip just touches face of motor bushing. Disconnect opener and manually pivot motor up to check.


9. When I run an install routine it does not complete 2 up and down cycles. It goes up, down, up and stops and I get 4 beeps.

Potentiometer nut out located on motor control board of adjustment. Position potentiometer nut 1/8 – 3/16 “ from left stop of motor control board when door is closed.


10. When I press Wall Station I get no door movement and motor won’t start and operator beeps 6 times.

Damaged Motor Control Board.  Replace operator. Control boards no longer made.


11. From open position door will not close and I get 3-4 beeps.

Photo beams not detected. Check alignment of photo beams as well as wiring at operator. Photo beams must have a solid red LED light on at all times. Replacement sensors can be purchased here.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not the manufacturer of this unit. We are just an online retail company. We do not offer warranty service, or technical help with this opener. The information provided above is a troubleshooting guide provided by the manufacturer Wayne Dalton.